My “Things”

My “Things”

This is my book for the “Things” round robin. I decided to do an Asian Travel theme for this book. I’ve wanted to do Asian for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it. This gives me a jump start on the book.


Here is my intro page. Yes, I know I spelled Asia wrong… I picked up the wrong stamp… Anyway, I’ll fix it when my book comes home. I added molding paste all around the edges of the pages and the map and then painted with blue acrylics. This page has the mailing route and my info.


Here is my sign-in page. I sewed fabric onto scrapbook paper to make the pockets for the tags and the big pocket on the left for my theme description.


Here you can see my sign-in tag and the theme pocket.


I only had time to do one spread before I had to send the book out. I decided to do one based on some Hindu images I have so that the other players would remember that Asia is not only Japan and China, but it is also India and Indonesia and much more. I tipped in a pouch that came with some incense to the center of this spread. I put a tag/book mark in the pouch.

The other sided of the pouch. I had this great postcard of a Hindu temple that a friend sent me from India years ago. I scanned the postcard and then printed it out on tissue paper. I inked or painted the book red and then put the tissue image down. I added silver rub on all around the edges and around the main image. I’m looking forward to getting my book back so I can play in it more.

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  1. did you know that in native american art you can always find a is a sign of humility..thought you would enjoy knowing this…lol..sure helps me get through my mistakes:-)…i am just starting to use molding paste..bought some, but haven’t used it yet..i just lucked out when i jumped into your site from the yahoo beeswax group..thank you..i am learning a bunch of stuff..carol

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