Farewell my sweet

Farewell my sweet

This morning, I took my Persian cat, that I’ve had for 10 years, to the vet. For the past couple of days, she has been lethargic and I haven’t been able to get her to eat. The vet ran blood work and discovered that Carrie’s kidney’s were failing. She recommended an ultrasound of the kidneys so I took her over to a specialist. I also called my mom so she ran up and met me at the ultrasound place. We found out from the ultrasound that Carrie had Polycystic Kidney Disease. There’s no cure for this and it is one of the things that happen to Persians a lot. Carrie probably had it since birth and we were lucky that she lived to be 10. About the only thing we could do was give her IV fluid which would make her feel good for about three days. But, my vet felt that then she would be right back to where she was this morning. We made the hard decision to put her down and not prolong any suffering. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg for my suffering.


So… Goodbye my sweet fluff. I will miss all your fur and way you would lie down on my pillow at night and cover my face with it. I will miss you wonderful purr and way you would drool on my hand when I pet you especially well. I will miss your funny little meow and how you never learned to retract your claws when you jumped in my lap. The way you would use just one little claw to poke me and wake me up in the morning. But most of all, I will miss how you always seemed to know when I needed you and how you were always in my lap before I even sat down.

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  1. Oh how sad! My old family cat had the same thing happen. It is a tough choice to make, I can’t imagine having to go through that with our dog some day. Makes me tear up to even think about it! You will find her fur for years I bet 😉

  2. i am so sorry for the pain you are feeling..this just broke my heart to read…my cat yummy is 13 and has had a not so good year..she is doing ok now but the vet said, “just take it a day at a time” i am crying my eyes out for you, but i could feel all the love you had for your kitty, and all she had for you…my kitty is very gray and long haired also. i hope i never stop finding her hair around the house either…
    hugs, carol

  3. My Sweet Lil Carrie,
    It has been a month and I don’t think it hit me until just now. I found a short video of you on my camera. You were under the dining room table rubbing up against my legs looking for attention as usual (purring up a storm). Being here in Iraq with the Army for the last 10 months has giving me lots of time to reflect. Quite often I have found myself comforted knowing that when I return home you would be there to greet me at the door as usual. The funny thing is that you would always leap out of Jessica’s lap (claws extracted) as I entered the door. The first thing I would see would be Jessica cringing from the pain of an ejecting fluff. I will miss hearing stories of how you slept on Jessica’s face until she would relinquish the pillow to you. I will miss how you would first hop into my lap, then walk in circles for 30 seconds before flopping down and then reach your claws across my legs pulling yourself into the perfect position. The funny thing was that you were constantly cranking up a storm (and I LOVED it.) You are the only cat that I have known that had a love-hate relationship with the comb. I will miss how you love to be combed so much that you would drool all over my leg, and randomly insist on gnawing the comb into submission. It was quite entertaining. The warmth you brought into our lives will remain forever.

    My Sweet Jessica,
    I am so sorry not to have been there for you. Lil-Miss-Carrie has been a part of my life for the last seven years and she will continue to live in our hearts forever.

    Goodbye my little fluff ball

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