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Winged Things

Winged Things

I’ve finally started my first AB round robin. The host choose mini board books for us to alter. She bought the books, gessoed all the pages of all the books, labeled who was to alter which page and mailed them all out to us. Wow, that is a lot of work! And to top it all off, she sent us all little packs of wonderful paper scraps. Thanks so much Maggie!

My group’s books have little windows on all the pages. I decided i didn’t want to use the window on the cover so i covered it with cardstock. Also, i was having a hard time figuring out how to use the windows and then i realized that i could but shipping tags in windows. Well, the spreads just flew together after that.

I’m focusing my spreads on the theme – ‘The Power of Wings.’ Here are some pics of my book so far.


Here you can see the front cover and the tags sticking out the top of the book.


This is the tag that goes in the first window pocket. I think i might put a little message to the other alterers in my group on the back of this tag.


The first spread is about independence.


The tag for this spread reads – “Now she knows she can take care of herself.”


This is the last spread in the book. The ones in the middle will be completed by the other members in my group.


Finally, this is the tag for the last spread. It reads – “I am my own fairy godmother.”

Works in Progress

Works in Progress

I’ve been doing a lot more Altered Art than quilting recently. I seem to have a bit of a quilt block. I think it is because I have so many ideas for altered art that I have to get them out before I can get back to the fabric. Here is some of what I’m working on now.

This is a “book” my mom made from some of those free AOL cd holders. She glued three of them together, gessoed it and crackled the front.


This is the first page in the book. I printed the image and words on tissue paper ironed to freezer paper and then glued them on with gel medium.


Here is a shot of the pull out that goes in the first pocket. This spread’s not finished yet, I just don’t know what else I want to do here yet.


Here is the cover. So far, I’ve only painted what my mom did. I have some vintage images of children on big moons that I need to print out and add to this book.

Finally, this is a practice spread in a board book. I signed up to do a board book round robin and should be getting my book from the hostess soon. The theme is “winged things” so I’m going with the idea of the Power of Wings. i.e. independence, individuality, confidence, etc…


The background on this one is really fun. Its a crackle technique with elmers glue and paint. I saw this technique when I was browsing through the new Claudine Hellmuth book. I did something like this back when I work-studied at the UT Senic Shop and it is a great effect. I hope to get that book soon. It looks great.