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New Board Book RR

New Board Book RR

I started a new board book round robin this week.  Our theme could be either Artful Goddess or Home.  I went the goddess route and did some muses.

[image:134:c] I used my favorite fresco technique for the cover.  I might do a little more to it when my book comes home.

[image:137:c]Garden Goddess.

[image:136:c]Muse of Music.  This spread needs something but I don’t know what.  I had a real block with this one.

Sketchbook for Mom

Sketchbook for Mom

Mom’s big Christmas gift from me this year was a sketchbook.  It’s based on a book from a class I took with Beverly Sizemore of B-Line Designs.  Wonderful class.  hmm… I should go photograph the book from that class and a few others I took around the same time.  I knew there was more to add here but couldn’t think of it.

Anyway… Here is my Mom’s new sketchbook…


It had to be purple… here favorite color and mine.


At the front of every signature, I laced in either one big envelope or two small ones to hold lose stuff.  I also decorated a few tags for her to use where ever she wanted.  There are a few more pictures over in my gallery.

Bleach Book

Bleach Book

A while ago, I was playing around with bleach stamping for my technique class.  It was so much fun and I made so many samples, I decided to put them together into a book.  I stamped both sides of a piece of cardstock and added several sheets Painter’s masking paper to make each signature.  The book has 10 signatures and I used a piano hinge to put them all together.




There are more pictures of the inside in my gallery here.