Warning – Spoiler ahead

Warning – Spoiler ahead

Today I mailed off 31 packages for the Full Tilt Boogie Goodie swap that I hosted.  This swap was for members of the FTB class and was for trading papers, ephemera, fibers and embellishments for our FTB journals.  If you participated in the swap and want to be surprised, stop reading now.  Go check out Mary Ann’s Budapest apartment or check out this recipe.  I made it today and it was delicious!

For everyone else… on with the show.

Goodie Swap

As packages come in, I laid them out on our Guest Room bed.  Attempts to keep the cat’s help to a minimum were only semi successful.  Every time I went in here, he would jump up on the bed and start his own process of swapping.  Slippery zip-lock bags only aided his efforts.

I got a wild hair late in the game and decided to destash by swapping with all the participants.

Goodie Swap - My bags
Goodie Swap

Not even a small dent in the stash.  Oh well. I will just have to deal. 🙂

Warning… Ahead is a sneak peek at the insides of my bags so if you want to be surprised, go here to my mom’s blog. Leave her a comment that I said that one post does not make a blog and she needs to get to work. 🙂

Moving on…

Goodie Swap

Some vintage water slide decals that I scored off eBay, a few rescued library cards, and some letter stickers that got hit with alcohol inks.

Goodie Swap

A hand stamped tag, a bit of 8mm film from a thrift store movie reel find about Hawaii, some wall paper, and pages from 80’s era Virgina Slim pocket calendars.  On one side are vintage photos of women being chastised for smoking and on the other is Smokin’ Cheryl Tiegs in 80’s shoulder pads.  I finally understand the ‘You’ve come a long way Baby” ads that ran when I was a kid but now I’m a bit disgusted with it.  Who cares about equal pay, now we have to right to smoke!

Goodie Swap

A few pieces of Asian joss paper, an UNO score pad (who ever kept score?) and some of my hand made paper.  Some bags got a full sheet of paper and others got several hand cast shapes.  I managed to get rid of my whole stash and now have an excuse to make more. Yay!   Blender time…  Break it down…

ahem, back on topic now..

There’s more in the baggies, like book pages, 50’s era documents from the Daughter of America (another eBay score) and vintage clothing pattern pieces.  If i could have, I would have added more but the packages were already bursting at the seams.

Goodie Swap - ready to mail

Here they are, waiting for pick up.  My helper is in the back there doing his last inspection.  He’s helping me type this post now. And by helping, I mean, he is laying across my left arm and part of the keyboard so that I can only type with one hand       \][o[p mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – Dexter says.

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  1. I am not worthy…I am not worthy!!! Okay, I peeked – I had to! This looks amazing! And I honestly can’t believe you were able to keep ANY of those bags on your bed with a feline helper. Brava! Brava! I am drooling!

  2. It all looks so wonderful. If you thought you had a lot of stuff before the swap…….holy cow……….you can make pages forever now. I can’t wait to get my 25 packets. I tried to leave a comment on your Mom’s blog but it wouldn’t let me.

  3. Nancy, I tried to leave one too and it would let me. I was hopping it was just me but must be a blogger problem. Bummer.

  4. wow, jessica! you went above and beyond on this swap!! i had to peek, i couldn’t wait! i’m like the kid waiting for santa to arrive. i’ll stay up all night if i have to! 😉 thanks again for hosting, just the preview pics alone look super awesome! thank you!!

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