Coptic book

Coptic book

I took a very nice class this weekend and learned how to do Coptic binding. Here is a photo of the book we made. It is about 4″ square. My top and bottom row of stitching are not perfect because I was missing a “loop” when I added the next signature. But, the middle rows look like beautiful little chain stitches. We figured out at the end what I was missing and I can’t wait to make my next book. I already have book board, cover fabric and an awl. All I need is the waxed linen and some needles with a big enough eye.


My black cover on black background is not perfect, I know. But, I was just too lazy to go find another background. Maybe next time. :)The instructor who taught this class is also doing a “before the book” class where we will learn the terminology and make a paper manger. I will definitely be taking that class also.

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