Austin Quilt Show 2006

Austin Quilt Show 2006

This weekend is the Austin Quilt Guild Show.  I entered two quilts in the show this year.  Last night I went to the preview and award ceremony and to my great surprise, one of my quilts was picked for third place in the applique category.  🙂


This is my Night Blooms quilt.  A little over a year ago, several of my quilt bee members and I were picked to go to L.A. and tape a couple of episodes for the DIY Network show, Uncommon Threads.  The show features needle arts groups from around the country.  We had to come up with a project to demonstrate on the show so I designed this quilt specifically for that.  I have to say that, up until the actual taping, the whole idea of being on a TV show was extremely frightening.  All I kept thinking was, “how did i let them talk me into this!”  But then we got to the studio in Burbank and met the host, Allison Whitlock.  She was so great and easy to talk to.  When I finally started taping my episode, everything was fine.  I felt good and they made the whole thing really easy.  I would definitely do it again if i ever get the chance. 

My pattern and instructions for this quilt are up on the DIY site here.  Actually, the pattern is still not up over there for some reason so I’ll upload it here for anyone who wants it.

My friend L. has some pictures of her project and the show taping on her site here.  Also, S. had a bunch of pics of the taping and studio on her site here.  My camera died just before the trip so I don’t have in pictures of my own.

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