My White Book

My White Book

I’m doing another Round Robin with the same group as the Things Book.  We added 4 more people to our group and we are basing the RR on the True Colors Book by Stampington.  I LOVE this book!  Whenever I’m stuck and need some inspiration, I pick up this book.  I always see something new in it that I didn’t notice before.

So, everyone in this RR picked a color scheme for their book and we will all work in that scheme when the book comes to us.  We tend to have a lot of brown/tan/ivory going on but I think it will be fine.  I picked White for my book.

Here are a couple of shots of the spread I did in my book.

[image:150:c] My Sign-in Page.  I stamped in gesso on muslin for the hinges.  Turned out great and I’d like to add more of this to the book when it comes home.

[image:152:c]Another shot to show how the sign-in tags work.

[image:155:c]My first Spread.  The title of the book that I used was “Revelations” so I thought it might be interesting to carry that through as a theme.  This bride has a secrete…

[image:156:c]You can lift up her skirt and see her read petticoat underneath.  I used a bunch of different magazine images to create this spread.  The bride is made up of three different brides and the groom’s pants were from a picture of a woman on a sailboat.  Jayson wanted me to make it so that you could open the groom’s head and see him thinking about the red petticoat.  :)  That would have been awesome but the book was kind of small and i didn’t have time to do it.

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