New Journal and New Class

New Journal and New Class

I signed up for another one of Mary Ann Moss’s awesome classes. This one is called Full Tilt Boogie and we are making different journals with antique photo album covers and old books. Mary Ann’s classes are full of beautiful videos with great information and, also, membership in a wonderful community of fellow artist and classmates. I think I signed up mostly for the community. I’ve made a lot of journals and I never get tired of the process. What I really need to work on is the journaling. I’m still struggling with a personal process that works for me. Anyway, here are a few photos of my first journal for FTB.

Inside 2
The covers on this journal are from an old Nathaniel Hawthorne book with a torn spine. I loved the marbled paper on the cover and thought it was perfect for this technique. The signatures are made from a variety of different papers from vintage ledger to new scrapbook card stock to watercolor paper. It ended up a little bit smaller than I would have wanted so next time I think I’ll add more signatures. If I ever get around to filling it, hopefully that will bulk it up.

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