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New ROD Journal for Sale

New ROD Journal for Sale

I finally got a ROD style journal up on my Etsy site. It is a pseudo ROD because I added plain paper signatures inside the stitched cover instead of all the ephemera pages. I love those stitched, ephemera pages but they are a huge time investment. I wanted this journal to be quicker to make and more accessible to those who might not be ready for all those beautiful, pre adorned pages. I have all kinds of ideas for more covers and can’t wait to get a few more done for my shop.

There are a few more images on my Etsy site.

My First ROD Journal

My First ROD Journal

One of my favorite bloggers is Mary Ann Moss from Dispatch From LA. Her blog is always a bounty of beautiful colors, intriguing photos, and inspriation. I especially love the peeks into her visual journals. I’ve wanting to try my hand at visual journaling for some time and, lucky for me, Mary Ann offers a wonderful online class on creating journals like hers. So, I finally took the plunge and created my first Remains of the Day journal.


I plan to use this journal to cronicle our trip to Colorado this past June.


We had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful mountains with our very good friends, Steve and Meredith, and I’m looking forward to reliving the trip in this journal. Here are a few more pics before any journaling.


There are some more images in my gallery here: ROD Journal